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US Investigators Solve Cold Case Spanning from Belize

Several international news agencies are reporting on a cold case of murder that reportedly happened over thirty eight years ago when a British couple was killed just outside Belize’s waters.  According to The Washington Post, the couple, Christopher Farmer and Peta Frampton left the coast of Belize on June 26, 1978, aboard a boat named the Justin B. The couple was traveling to multiple destinations including Australia, the Americas, Mexico and Belize.  When they came to Belize, they met an American national who owned a boat and offered to take them to Chetumal via the sea.  It was during that trip that the couple met their demise.  It wasn’t until recently, when investigators got statements from the accused killer who had witnessed what transpired.  In early July 1978, the couple’s bodies were found hogtied in the Caribbean Seas off the coast of Punta de Manabique, Guatemala by firefighters.  The autopsy report noted that the couple had drowned.  According to the report, the sons’ accounts of what happened, saying that one night when they were anchored  near the port of Livingston, Guatemala, their father, the boat captain, attacked Farmer several times; hitting him first with a billy club and then trying to stab him in the chest with a fillet knife which broke.  The father then tied up Farmer at the front of the boat, and then tied up Frampton in the galley.  The next morning, Boston moved the couple to the edge of the boat and according to the Court records, he hogtied them, tied machine parts to the ropes, covered their heads with plastic bags and pushed them into deep water.  Fast forward to 2016 and 75-year-old, Duane Boston has been charged with two counts of maritime murder.  He was reportedly arrested in Paradise, a small town in Northern California, USA.  The British man was a recent medical school graduate while the woman was a new law school graduate.