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US National Detained For Fatal Traffic Incident

42-year-old Richard Christopher Moguel died in a road traffic accident on Thursday night.  Shortly after nine o’clock last night, Police responded to reports of a traffic accident between miles nineteen and twenty on the Placencia Road. On arrival they saw a black single cab Chevrolet S10 pickup truck on the right hand side of the road with a bicycle under its front driver side wheel. Police also saw a Hispanic man who appeared to have been hit by the vehicle, about nine feet from the vehicle. Another man was seen about seventeen feet from the road side, lying face down, apparently dead. Initial reports are that 70-year-old US national, Steven Fasano of Maya Beach area was traveling from Placencia to Maya Beach when he knocked down 42-year-old Richard Christopher Moguel and 46-year-old Ubaldo Matute of Seine Bight Village. Matute received minor injuries. Police have detained Steven Fasano pending their investigation.