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US National gunned down in San Pedro restaurant

Was the murder of Lamont Lipka a hit? That is what police are investigating after the 49-year-old Texan was gunned down on Sunday night on San Pedro Ambergris Caye; another homicide on a growing list on the island. Police say a lone gunman walked into the establishment and fired several times at Lipka shortly after nine o’clock on Sunday night inside Tropicana Restaurant located on Coconut Drive, which he managed. Police found Lipka’s wounded body behind the cash register when they arrived on scene. 

ASP Alejandro Cowo,Crimes Investigation Branch: “Just about 9:25 he was inside of the business establishment behind the cash register when a male person entered the restaurant and went direct to him and fired several shots at his direction which caused the fatal injuries to him. Nothing was stolen from him or from the business.”

Reporter: Okay is it believe sir to be drug related his murder?

ASP Alejandro Cowo,Crimes Investigation Branch: “We don’t have a motive up to now. We are interviewing some of his colleagues to see if they have anything to assist us at this moment.”

Reporter: Is he known to police other than a businessman in San Pedro?

ASP Alejandro Cowo,Crimes Investigation Branch: “No we have known that he is a business man for the past three years that he has been here in Belize. Definitely what we have so far there is nothing that can tie him to any drug transaction or any drug related offense.”

Additional reports indicate that Lipka was behind the cash register with his back behind the side door. That is when a dark complexion male person entered and fired two shots in his direction. He reportedly fell and the gunman proceeded to further unload his gun on Lipka, hitting him several times in the face and neck area. The gunman then escaped through the Coconut Drive area. Police have not detained anyone and investigators are still working on establishing a motive for the murder. Police say the gunman acted alone and are looking to see if any surveillance cameras in the area captured any part of the homicide.