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US Registered Sex Offender Arrested in Belize?

A registered sex offender has been reportedly spotted in Belize. We cannot reveal his identity because our reports tell us that he has not been charged in Belize City for any offence. However, our information is that the 42-year-old man is wanted in the United States and is registered on the California Sex Offender Archive.  According to reports, the offender’s last known address is Park Boulevard in San Diego, California and is wanted after he escaped from the US following a conviction on the offense of copulating with a minor under the age of 14 by force or fear.  As fate would have it, the African-American descent man was allegedly caught with a young boy in his house on Police Street in Belize City when police conducted a raid of the premises.  And in a twist of circumstances, the offender’s home was subsequently burglarized while he was being detained at the police station.  Residents of Police Street are now reportedly lobbying for him to leave the area.  Meanwhile Belize City authorities have been silent on this case.