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US Registered Vessel Runs Aground on Belize’s Barrier Reef

A US registered vessel ran aground in Belize waters over the weekend as was confirmed by the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Reports are that the vessel was bound for Big Creek Port in southern Belize after leaving the port of Livingston, Guatemala just after ten o’clock on Friday, September 2, 2016.  The vessel is registered in Delaware, USA and was grounded near Hatchet Caye on the Barrier Reef just east north east of the Placencia peninsula.  Aboard the vessel were three Colombians, four Guatemalans and an American.  The vessel ran aground at around five o’clock on Saturday evening and was reported to the Belize Coast Guard by the Fisheries Department.  The Belize Coast Guard has secured the area and a task force comprising of the Department of Environment, Immigration and the Belize Port Authority were deployed today to further examine the scene and determine what further actions will be taken.