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US revises travel advisory to Belize

The US Department of State has revised its travel advisory to Belize. As of January 10, 2018, the US Government warns its citizens to exercise increased caution in Belize due to crime. The advisory states quote, “Violent crime, such as sexual assault, armed robbery, and murder, is common. Local police lack the resources to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents.” End of quote. The US Department of State tells its citizens that if they do travel to Belize, they need to be aware of their surroundings and avoid walking or driving at night. They are also told to not physically resist any robbery attempt and to be extra vigilant when visiting banks or ATMs. The US State Department’s level on Belize is at 2: exercise increased caution. There are four levels with 3 being ‘reconsider travel and 4 being “do not travel”.