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US sponsored training concludes in Belmopan

A two week training for Police Officers concluded today in Belmopan. The training was sponsored by the United States Embassy, through the Central America Regional Security Initiative.

Fem Cruz

“A two week training sponsored by the US embassy came to an end this afternoon. Craig Crucas the facilitator from the United States spoke to Love News about the training.

Craig Crucas – Facilitator

“We had the opportunity to come down here and train with the Belize Police Department and we trained a two week course on defensive tactics and arrest control techniques which encompasses taking somebody into custody safely for the officer with combative subjects and taking them into custody with the least amount of injury for both officers as well as the combatant. We found that the necessity for over use of force is lessened when the officer is confident with their techniques and effective with their techniques.

Fem Cruz

“ How was the feedback from our police officers?”

Craig Crucas – Facilitator

“Overwhelmingly, everyone said that they would have wanted another week so I think that speaks for their involvement and their belief for the system and they all seem like they are going to do well continuing forward and distributing it through the Belize Police Department.”

Fem Cruz

“Love News spoke to one of those police officers that attended the two week training course.”


“I’m the inspector of police chief instructor at the police training academy. It was a very intensive course which will really assist us as police officers. Here at the academy we will be able to apply this and teach the recruits. In training I learned about weapon retention, hot to get out of choke holds, how to operate the batons and also if any subject comes up to you and retrieve your firearm from your hand or holster you will be able to apply all these techniques as well as handcuff techniques which will allow us not to be very brutal on the streets so all that will cease as we seek to train the police officers within the Belize police department.

Fem Cruz

“ Inspector Dwayne Sutherland also spoke with Love News.”

Inspector Dwayne Sutherland

“ The training was geared towards having our trainers and a few training officers both qualified and certified in areas of justifiable force and harm which entails the use of some legal force to be used to overcome and bring under control some forms of threats or resistance the offender may possess. These officers in kind will give back to the police department by conducting training in service training to its already existing serving members and also to those trainees in the upcoming recruit training. This again is just another means by which the department continues to improve its standards to that of being an improved modern and professional department in all levels of service being provided. It will contribute to the officers awareness, confidence and the use of minimal physical means to bring whatever circumstance under control if need arises. By extension this will also continue to foster and build that confidence within the general community and police. I want to take this opportunity to thank the US embassy here in Belize for contributing and providing this needed training to our police officers.”