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US University Students examining Communication Disorders in Belize

Texas A & M University students and professors paid a visit to the Santa Ana Government School in the Toledo District. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung spoke to the facilitator for the excursion to Belize who said that the visits across the country were in order to examine communication disorders.

Paul Mahung: Santa Ana Government School hosted a group of students from Texas A&M University during their education visit to Toledo. With the completion of their three day visit in Toledo at the weekend leader of the group Dr. Melissa Garcia spoke to Love News.

Leader of the Group Dr. Melisa Garcia: “We have been here in the Toledo District for a few days, the students and I have been visiting the Santa Ana school and working with the teachers and the principals and of course the students. My students from Texas A&M international University are studying communication disorders which is speech therapy and that is something that is limited here in the area of Punta Gorda and so we had been here for six years trying to work alongside with the teachers on educating them about what communication disorders are so that they are better able to work with students in their classroom. We have been coming like  I said for six years and the main focus is on teacher training and parent training. The twelve students that I brought with me on this trip have worked with students in this village of Santa Ana. We have also worked with students in the preschool and Belmopan at the UB Campus there as well and next we will be going to visit Stella Maris school for the deaf which we have also visited for the past 6 years.”

Paul Mahung: ” Before departing Punta Gorda the team of Texas A&M University Senior undergraduate students visited the UB Punta Gorda Campus where they were briefed on UB academic programs and facilities by campus administrator Roy Polonio. While in this district the students we accompanied by Ricardo Gongora of UB Office of Institutional Advancement. Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”