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USD$200 Million From CDB to Belize

Belize is looking to come into a little more than four hundred million Belize dollars via the Caribbean Development Bank.  The monies, according to an online article, are allotted to finance the country’s 2016 – 2020 Strategy Plan which will seek to address some of the social, environmental and economic challenges.  The article reads, in part, quote, “The regional bank said that the strategy aims to drive five development outcomes including increasing competitiveness and productivity; improved quality and access to education and training; improved social sector outcomes; enhanced environmental management and reduced vulnerability to natural disasters; and improved governance and development planning.  Gender equality, regional cooperation and integration, as well as energy security and citizen security, will be key features of CDB’s interventions delivered through the strategy programme.  The CDB said that the US$200.5 million package includes US$126.5 million in loan resources and US$74 million in grant funds, including resources to support necessary reforms to unlock Belize’s growth potential.”  End of quote.  This money to Belize is reportedly in line with the bank’s objectives to promote broad-based economic growth and social development as well as good governance.