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Usher Denies Hitting a Woman Police Officer

Yesterday we reported on Justin Usher, the student and activist who was arrested early on Saturday morning at around 3 o’clock. He was arrested for allegedly hitting a woman police officer and was to be arraigned yesterday but there was a hiccup with the court documents. This morning after he was charged with ‘assaulting a police officer’, Usher denied the allegation.

Justin Usher

“I am being wrongfully charged and a female police officer has made a false statement against me, fabricated a story to ruin my integrity and my reputation to bring me down. I believe that I am a target because nothing happened as what she said happened and I just want to make it clear to the nation if that is indeed what she said had happened then why I am not behind bars, why am I not locked up. If I was indeed drunk why wasn’t a urine sample taken from me. Why wasn’t a medical report taken? If she indeed said that I had hit her in the face why wasn’t that done? I believe that if I had really hit her, come on Belize, this is reality. If I had really hit that female officer, you guys saw the video; the police wouldn’t have dealt with me so calmly. I would have probably ended up in the hospital on the trends of other civilians that had gotten into a confrontation with the police before.”

The incident happened in front of the BTL Park in Belize City.