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UWI Open Campus Council holds meeting in Antigua & Barbuda

This year is the tenth anniversary of the University of the West Indies Open Campus.  The Open campus gives those employed, who are unable to sit in a classroom, access to education online.  This morning UWI Open Campus held its annual open campus council meeting under the theme “Opening Doors to Life-Changing Learning”. The meeting was held in Antigua and Barbuda and it looked at the Open Campus’ performance for the 2016/2017 academic year. Jane Bennett, the Head of the University of the West Indies Open Campus in Belize spoke about the meeting.

Jane Bennett –  the Head of the UWI Open Campus, Belize: The Vice Chancellor, the heads of different departments within the campus who have to present their reports and then the council and it is made up of people from academic boards and so on and they evaluate what has been done, what are some of the gaps that are still there and then moving forward how they can continue to meet the needs of the Caribbean people so it’s really a very technical day that they come together, reflect on where the open campus has come for the previous year and where it has to go for the next year. Well as you know technology is our new buddy for the 21st century and yes indeed the UWI TV has open many doors for exposing what UWI was doing on the ground where before people did not really know what UWI was doing. I am very too happy to say now there is a Belizean now who is the Anchor for UWI TV and will bring it even closer to Belize and there has been dialogue with one of the media houses to make UWI TV very accessible and that of course will give more access for Belizeans to see what is going on with UWI TV; so again yes UWI TV has now taken UWI more now international where people from all over the world can now keep a track of what is going on at UWI and where they can probably benefit from a UWI intervention.”

Bennett said that UWI Open Campus in Belize looks for every possible way to enhance learning as such they are presently working on a strategy that will help more persons to access learning.

Jane Bennett –  the Head of the UWI Open Campus, Belize:“Our remote areas we have a major project on the way where we are partnering with a stake holder in Belize to provide access to our potential applicants in, call it our outlying areas of the country so we are going to start with a kind of pile up project up north and south.”

Bennett added that the project will allow for more Belizeans to access UWI Open Campus further increasing the number of UWI’s students.