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Vaccination Numbers Beginning to Dwindle Says Minister of Health

The Ministry of Health and Wellness continues to encourage Belizeans to get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is despite the loosening up of the regulations, including mask-wearing and social distancing. Vaccines are available but it seems fewer people are going for the jab at this time. Minister Kevin Bernard explained that where vaccines are concerned, they have enough but people are not rushing to get their shots as urgently as they once did. He stressed that the Pfizer stock the Ministry has expired in May.
Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: “Well we do have a little over a hundred and odd thousand Pfizer vaccines. Now remember those Pfizer vaccines come to an expiration at the end of May but we do have 110,000+ Johnson & Johnson vaccines which expire in 2023 so once those Pfizers are out we will be utilising the Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the interim for those adult population who continues to go out and get their vaccination.”

Reporter: Have you seen people going out to get vaccinated, the number of people decreased now? It has slowed down?

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Health & Wellness: “It has, it has for a while, Hipolito. I think that, as you noticed, it took us a while to move from that 48 point average to 50% average and so there has been a slow uptake of persons getting vaccinated and I have said this openly and I know that from our medical team that I have spoken to, they have said that all in all the people who wanted to be vaccinated have been vaccinated. Of course, there are some that couldn’t be vaccinated even though they wanted to because of certain serious illness, you know, and so there are still, daily, persons coming in to be vaccinated. There are still people who are pending to get their second dose. They are a small percentage however but there are also a lot of person who have not gotten their booster shots.”