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Vaccines for Children arrive in Belize

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health and Wellness received Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines for children, ages five to 11. This is the first time that the younger children can be administered the jab in Belize. The shots will be made available at schools and vaccination sites countrywide through collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Pediatrician, Doctor Edna Mendez explained how this vaccine differs from the adult one and why parents should get their kids vaccinated. 

Dr.Edna Mendez, Pediatrician: “Normally the adult one has thirty micrograms, this has ten micrograms of the virus so it’s totally different. Like I said it’s formulated especially for this population. I think it’s very important that the kids get vaccinated because like you said covid is still around, it will be around for a while so we want to get back to normal especially with respect to school right ? And because that is very important for kids to go back to school, to normal like how it used to be before covid so it’s very important that this population gets vaccinated because like I said covid is still around, it will be around. Even though kids are not affected as serious as adults some kids can get severe disease, some kids can get what we call the post inflammatory syndrome which can also be very severe and cause death so that’s why it’s important that we get kids vaccinated.”

The Ministry says that vaccinated children have a lower risk for infections, severe illness, hospitalization and death due to COVID-19. In a separate report, the Ministry reported that 194 new COVID-19 infections were recorded today. It was partially offset by 165 recoveries but active cases stand at one thousand one hundred and twenty-eight. Most of the new infections were reported in Belize District, which included 55 in Belize City.