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Vasquez Family to use settlement to invest in mental patient care

While the initiative by the Vasquez family seeks to assist other mentally ill individuals, there is still the matter of how Nestor Vasquez Junior died.  At the press conference, Jules gave an update on his brother’s case. He said that the family’s lawyer, Leslie Mendez, has proposed a settlement, which they hope to use to invest in long care treatment for mentally ill persons.

Jules Vasquez – Brother of Nestor Vasquez:There has not been any charge. We have been pushing very consistently at the police. The file just went back to the DPP on Friday so the file went to the DPP, the DPP sent it back for additional pieces to be filled in and the police sent it back on Friday. The file is currently with the DPP and as the family has stated it is our position that we want, we insist, we demand that criminal charges be brought against police officers who in our mind from the video acted in a deliberate way to put my brother in the lion’s den. Now, what do we do about the persons that harmed him? That is another case and that is a decision for the DPP however that person Mr. Francis was charged for attempted murder. We are sending off the letter for a proposed settlement of the liability relating to my brother’s death. That is being sent off by the attorney today. That has been apart of our ongoing discussions. Again for us and for any family who has gone through this type of loss, it is no consolation but we wish that there be exemplary damages in so far as that the settlement reflects the size of the error that the state made or the depth of the failure in their duty of care. Certainly, when we do arrive at a settlement we do wish to make a contribution. The family does wish to make a contribution to some meaningful cause that will have a long term beneficial effect on the treatment of mentally ill persons.”

According to Jules, his family wants to push for there to be criminal charges for all culpable parties, including the officers who knowingly put his brother in the same cell with another mentally ill man, Colin Francis.  Francis had just been detained for stabbing Nurse Augustine Elijio at the Port Loyola Poly Clinic when the attack against Vasquez occurred.////////