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Vatican Seeks Successor for Bishop Dorrick Wright

Bishop Dorrick Wright is in a frail medical condition and with that in mind, the Vatican is looking at who could possibly fill his shoes and become his successor.  As we mentioned earlier, the Roman Catholic’s Papal Nuncio is in-country and he spoke on this issue to the media when we caught up with him at the Radisson Fort George Hotel this morning as he was on his way to meet the Prime Minister.


“Removal s not the word. Bishop Dorrick is still our Bishop, he is sick and the human wisdom teaches us to look after our sick, to look after our old people, to look after the children. The Vatican is now looking seriously into the matter to see how to arrange the succession and after Dorrick we can come in and take his place, we are working on that.”


“So it has to do with his illness and not necessarily by a request from government or any other institution?”


“No no it has to do with illness because the Catholic Bishop has to stand down at 75 but he is 71, then it has to do with his conditions. It is also charitable when a Bishop is sick we look seriously at the sickness and all of this time we have been looking at that. We give priority to condition of the Bishop and then that is why the auxiliary Bishop has been appointed to help the sick Bishop and together to run the diocese, that is the Catholic Church.”