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Vega – A No-Show at UDP Convention

Notably missing from yesterday’s convention in Dangriga was the Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega who also serves as the Area Representative for Orange Walk North.  We asked UDP’s Chairman, Alberto August if Vega’s absence was with an explanation and we also took that opportunity to ask August to weigh in on Vega’s resignation.


Vega’s contribution to the UDP has been crucial but according to Chairman August, the party has a way of bouncing back.


Vega’s colleague, Anthony Boots Martinez, spoke on his departure, saying he was surprised at the news.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow also spoke on the factors that contributed to Vega’s decision to leave and emphasized on the void that was left behind.


As you heard Prime Minister Barrow did say that he is uncertain whether one of the reasons for Vega’s resignation had to do with the Ministry of Natural Resources being stripped from his portfolio.  Despite’s Barrow’s uncertainty, it is popular opinion that that may have been the deciding factor for Vega; a factor Michael Finnegan says would be disappointing.


As we mentioned, Vega was not present at yesterday’s convention and since his resignation, we have been unable to get an interview with him on the situation.