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Vega Says Resignation Equals More Family Time

Since Gaspar Vega’s surprise resignation from the post of Deputy party leader of the United Democratic Party, there have been questions and concerns by the supporters in his constituency. Vega says that he has been open and honest with his people.  Vega said he intends to spend more time with his family.


“A lot of people are concerned and want to know why, what were the reasons, I’ve been honest with all of them. I knew from the very beginning that I would not be there forever. It was some sacrifices that I did especially with my family, time that I have cheated my family from but I am very grateful and will forever be grateful to the people of my constituency who gave me that opportunity. It’s not a dream or a plan that I had to be a politician, it just happened because of the level of corruption that was being practiced in 2006 and 2007 and that is what got me into it. I think I have done my best and I have given my all to my people. People in my constituency are concerned about the next leader, I will be working with them with all the energy that I have to ensure that we get the best possible leader of that division.”

Up for the post of Deputy Party Leader are Ministers John Saldivar and Patrick Faber.