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Vega Yet to Decide Between Faber and Saldivar

With the post of Deputy Party Leader of the UDP up for grabs, today the media asked the former holder of the post, Gaspar Vega for his views.


“As of now I’m not ready to say who I am going after. I think at the end of the day my vote will be for the person that I believe will be able to hold the party together, to me that is the most important thing and after I am convinced of that then I will start looking at other capacities.”


“Are there any specific traits in the two candidates who have offered themselves, who’ve you’ve looked at, the different personalities?”


“I really haven’t given much thought to that especially with my present situation that I have to be dealing with all of my different village councils, my leaders have come by, I have visited them and being able to create some comfort to them that I am not abandoning them.”