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Vehicle with businessman stopped and searched

While the destruction of the drugs went without incident there was a instance on the way to the undisclosed location where tensions escalated.  A white Dodge Ram pickup truck was aggressively trying to overtake the police vehicles.  In order to ensure the safety of everyone involved, the vehicle was promptly stopped and searched. It was then discovered that the vehicle was driven by well-known businessman Mike Menjivar, owner of La Cabaña in Belmopan.  Menjivar has had his fair share of run-ins with the police. When the news first hit social media, unreliable reports stated that the police were engaged in a raid.  That report led to the conclusion that it was a case of unwarranted police harassment. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Marco Vidal explained why the stop and search was necessary.

Sr.Supt. Marco Vidal, Assistant Commissioner of Police: “We ensure that we have security more so for the quantity and the persons involved so we do a sweep and in this case the vehicle may have been too close to the convoy and that’s one of the reasons why it had to be stopped to check that it is not any threat to the security and to the personnel and the drugs that is being escorted to this area.” 
Reporter: Once checked that vehicle was cleared right ?
Sr.Supt. Marco Vidal, Assistant Commissioner of Police: “Right it was and it was allowed to leave.”

In 2011, members of the Gang Suppression Unit opened fire on Menjivar’s house in Belmopan, riddling it with over a hundred bullet holes. His pregnant wife and kids were in the home at the time. Menjivar returned fire, and he was arrested on charges of attempted murder. In 2013, he walked out of court a free man after he was acquitted of the charges.