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Vehicle Plunges Into Creek; Coast Guard Seaman Saves Family

An American family came close to death when the vehicle they were in plunged into the creek as they drove on a single lane bridge down south. It happened this past Friday and Harry Arzu spoke to one of the men who assisted in rescuing the family.


The road traffic accident happened between mile 28 and 29 on the Hummingbird Highway on Friday August 4 around 12:45pm. American National 47 year old Benjamin Paul was driving a black Jeep SUV on the said highway between Dangriga and Belmopan when he lost control of the vehicle and went over a one lane bridge and into the creek below. Along with him were 36 year old Catherine O’brien and two children Raphael aged 6 and Carmelita aged 3. Passengers from a James Bus who were travelling on the highway stopped to render aid. One of them is a member of the Belize Coast Guard Elias Kelly, he spoke with Love News.”


So I assisted to break open the window and managed the get the little boy from out of the car. It was four of them, the mom the dad and the two kids.”


Okay so the father was on top of the vehicle and he had already taken out the mother and another child out the vehicle.”


He was on top of the vehicle and he was panicking and he didn’t know what to do. So I came with my training from the Belize Coast Guard not to panic and just to do the right thing. One of the guys threw a stone for me so I could break open the window to take out the little boy. I had to climb in the vehicle, take off his seatbelt and bring him up. He was under the water but he is strong because he was holding his breath in the vehicle. Everyone was safe, no one died, there were no broken bones I guess.”


The family of four was admitted to the Southern Regional Hospital suffering from various body injuries.”