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Vehicle used to murder Alrick Smith Set Ablaze

Meanwhile, police in Belize City continue to investigate the murder of notorious street figure Alrick Smith. Smith was shot and killed as he left the Love FM building on Slaughter House Road on Thursday night. The vehicle believed to be used in the murder was found destroyed by fire over the weekend along the John Smith Road in the Belize District. Providing an update is Police Commissioner Chester Williams. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “We are looking at two different angles. One angle seems to be internal and the other angle seems to be a retaliatory shooting from the other side and, at this time, we have some idea as to who the vehicle belonged to that was used in the shooting. We’re yet to confirm that information, hopefully today we’ll be able to do that. But at this time, we’re looking for three persons in particular and those three persons are from within the PIV area and we’re also looking for two persons who are from the Backa Land area. Those two different groups of persons we’re looking at will be in respect to the two angles that we are pursuing at this time but we are optimistic that we will get somewhere with the investigation very shortly. We’re happy that Transport is open today. Customs is open today because there are certain information that we need to get from Customs as well as Transport as it relates to the importation of the vehicle and the registering of the vehicle. So once we can get some information on the vehicle it will take us good ways into the investigation. That vehicle was found yesterday on the John Smith road and we do believe that that is the vehicle of interest that was used in the shooting death of Alrick Smith.”