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Vendor Speaks on Alleged Assault By Senator’s Son

A market vendor from Armenia Village, Cayo District says he suffered serious injuries to his back after he was allegedly assaulted by Kenzle Hulse, the son of Senator Godwin Hulse.  If you recall, last week we aired an interview with Senator Hulse asking him of the incident to which he explained that his son was simply defending himself and his butane company located in Belmopan.  Our media colleagues at Plus TV spoke with the second party in this incident, Alberto Lopez who says that the was taken from an area near Novelo’s Bus Terminal in Belmopan to the Gas Depot where he was questioned about monies he owed to the company.  Lopez, in an interview with our colleagues at Plus TV, says this is when he was reportedly assaulted by Hulse.


Lopez says he has asked for court action but he has yet to hear from the Belmopan Police Officers.