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Venezuela Embassy in Belize defends Presidential Elections

On May 20, Venezuela’s Socialist President Nicolas Maduro won his second term in office. The election board, believed to be Maduro Loyalists, reported he received 5.8 million votes while his closest challenger Henri Falcon received 1.8 million votes. But the President’s victory is accompanied by continued local and international scrutiny. Many states have denounced the election calling it a sham and a dictatorship, and threaten the country with more sanctions. The United States has not recognized President Maduro’s victory while an alliance of 14 Latin American nations and Canada, known as the Lima Group, released a statement calling the vote illegitimate because it did not adhere to international standards of a democratic, free, fair and transparent process.  Today, the Venezuelan Government through its embassy in Belize responded to the claims surrounding the elections. In a press conference held at the Petrocaribe Office in Belize City, Charge D’Affairs Mykel Lenin Castillo Peña told the media that altering the results of the automated voting process is technically impossible, adding that “Electoral fraud is a myth fueled by complaints that have not been sustained and that seek media shows,”  He adds that many states have recognized the transparency of the elections, among them are the members of the Association of Caribbean States. And amid the continued rejection of the Maduro Government by foreign powers, the Venezuelan government maintains that they enjoy the support of a majority of its people. 

Mykel Lenin Castillo Peña, Charge D’Afffairs: This elections were made in the third war of a huge economic war, inducing inflation with the discriminating increase in foot price, food smuggling to Colombia, food grabbing, attacking of our currency, financial boycott and misconceptions. All these factors have cost a complex and difficult economic situation in Venezuela however five from the so called humanitarian crisis, a Metrix of opinion that sieves and justifies foreign intervention despite this international and economic cease more than 9 million Venezuelans decide to vote out and vote for the prefer candidate. As is now an expected some countries United States, DeLauro they nice resource,  it was not a democratic referral and desperate electoral process in accordance with international standards. Venezuela has problems, yes many problems that President Nicholas Maduro has recognized. Problems that have erode the Greek Social Achievement attained by the Bolivarian revolution. However they are promised that they are far for bring humanitarian crisis. These are terms that are used to justify as I said, a foreign intervention.”

The Presidential elections is the third to be held in that country in less than ten months. In October of last year the country held elections for a regional government and in December it held municipal elections. In both previous elections, the Maduro government won the majority votes.