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Venezuelan Ambassador says no re-elections in Venezuela

The Venezuelan Ambassador’s arrival to Belize comes at a time when that country’s government continues to receive international pressure, this time as major countries, including the USA and most recently European countries call for a re-election of a president. These and other countries oppose President Nicolas Maduro’s presidency. The US and other countries have supported opposition leader Juan Guaido who has proclaimed himself “acting president” until another date for a presidential election is decided upon. While President Maduro said he was prepared to hold negotiations with the US-backed opposition, he ruled out early presidential elections. Ambassador Argote spoke more about his government’s position on the matter.


Ambassador Argote: “That is a very interesting situation. Why? Because if six million people elected president Maduro in a previous election, with all the supervision, with all the international observers, why should we have another election? At the request of a few countries of the international system. I don’t think that is viable from an international point of view because that is an express interference in the decision of a sovereign people that elected its president. I will give you a domestic example, which is like if I go to your house and tell you, I don’t like that table that you have on your living room. Why don’t you change it? But you selected that table. That is your house. Your house is sacred. How will I go into your house, talk about your things. We have laws. And there is something called sovereignty in each one of our countries and auto determination and legality, legality over all. The internal laws of Venezuela, all from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and all in accordance with international law. That is Venezuela’s position.”


We will have more of our interview with Ambassador Gerardo Argote in our subsequent newscasts.