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Verge of Umbra Tops Metal Battle in Guatemala

Verge of Umbra is not your regular local band. It is a group out of Dangriga that somehow brought together the genres of rap and reggae.  The 5-member team is making its mark on the international scene and will perhaps become even more recognized in Belize after it won the Metal Battle 2017 held in Guatemala City in March.  As a reward for topping the battle, Verge of Umbra will be performing in Germany in August 2017 at what is known as the biggest metal festival globally, Wacken Open-Air with an audience of over eighty thousand.  Verge of Umbra topped five other bands in the Metal Battle, namely, Heresy of Costa Rica, Dreamlore of El Salvador; G.O.D. of Honduras; Kramer of Guatemala; and VoTraster of Panama.  One member of Verge of Umbra noted that the win gave them an excellent feeling of accomplishment; vindication for themselves and the country as this scale hasn’t ever been achieved by any Belizean contemporary artist.  Another band member stated, quote, “What everyone fails to see about music is that it was ultimately meant to unite us, no matter race, creed, or gender.”  End of quote.  In March last year, the band put out its very first album dubbed, V.O.U.  Verge of Umbra has Andres Pineda on guitar, Faith Madubuko on drums, Lowell Gillett on bass, KErnelle Parks as the reggae vocalist and Jermaine Jenkins as the rap vocalist.