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Vernon family in Punta Gorda to hold protest this weekend

Paul Mahung reporting …

Since the fatal shooting of Mario Vernon also known as Jun; grieving family members and friends have publicly expressed strong concerns and will continue to do so in a planned protest march and rally. One of the event coordinators, Mario Vernon’s aunt, Juliet Austin spoke to Love News.

Juliet Austin

“We’re doing this protest march and rally on the twenty seventh of this month; due to the fact that we want more attention to be brought on this case and charges elevated due to the fact that only half of the evidence was brought in. Charges were brought even though the autopsy was not in yet and we need these charges to be elevated to murder.  Also, we want the people who were there in this conspiracy with this gentleman to be held accountable for their actions and we want the public to come out and voice your opinions. We also want your support in cleaning up our Punta Gorda Police office and we expect everyone to take a few minutes of their day this Saturday to come out and voice your opinions. You will be able to speak and we will start early at nine o’ clock. We will start gathering at the Central Park and we leave promptly at 10 am. I expect to see every parent, every concerned citizen, every law abiding citizen to come out and lets save this town. We are one family in Punta Gorda and lets save this town.”

Another coordinator and Aunt Vincent Nunez also spoke to Love News.

Vincent Nunez

“Never in my life had I thought that we would have been fighting for justice for Jun Jun. As Belizean citizens we have the right and we have the right for to protest because what occurred I believe that it was uncalled for and Justice has not been served so far. The route for the peaceful protest will be from the central park down Queen St., Front St. and then we turn at the police station on Kings St. and then we turn again right on George Price St. and to North St. where we will be moving over to the court where we are going to have speeches for members of the community to voice how they feel about this situation. We are saddened by this event and we hope that this will never happen again to anyone in PG so we are asking citizens to come out and be here with us because you don’t know when it’s going to be your turn, you could be next.”

Coordinator of the event confirmed that the signing of bond for protest march and rally was signed yesterday morning at Punta Gorda Police station where a group of family members and friends met in support.

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