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Veteran Journalist Ails; Friends Team Up to Assist

Glenn Tillett is no stranger to the media and the well-read Belizeans both home and abroad.  He has presented writings on a wide range of national and political issues on print, radio and television.  To date, he continues his musings on social media for which he has a substantial following.  On February 17, 2017, Tillett revealed on his social media page that he has been ailing with chronic renal failure and has since been receiving dialysis treatment.  The cost of the treatment is an estimated four hundred dollars per session with a need for about two to three sessions weekly.  Friends of the well-known Belizean writer have created a Go-Fund Me page for Tillett and have been appealing to the public for their contributions in meeting the cost of dialysis.  In his note posted three days ago, Tillett wrote, quote, “On a very personal note I am compelled to remark that this is the best I have felt physiologically and psychosomatic-ally in almost two years. This is worthy of remark because as I write this I am very much aware that in a few hours I will be undergoing dialysis for chronic renal failure, my third session in four days. For the last week or so I have hardly thought about anything else.  I have spent a lot of time coming to grips with the realization and acceptance that I have a faltering heart and now failing kidneys, and have gone through the stages of rationalizing that reality. We are all going to die, the chances are I am likely going to do so sooner than most everyone else reading these words. My diagnosis and prognosis have profoundly upended my life. Many of my convictions and opinions have been erased, wiped away in the shock waves emanating from those events, and whilst some just melted away unseen and unremembered, acceptance has replaced the horror and terror at death, my heart beats with the passion of my will to live, to continue to live.  Enjoy the sunshine, we walk always in the shadow of death.”  Up to news time this afternoon the Go Fund Me Page has garnered nine hundred and sixty five dollars.  The page has a target of thirteen thousand dollars.