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Vicente left in shock after FFB’s election

Former FFB President Ruperto Vicente was left in shock on Saturday after he received only two votes during the Eleventh Ordinary Congress. It became a battle between Vicente and three Executive members who served under him namely, Marlon Kuylen, Cruz Gamez and Sergio Chuc. The trio made moves to have Vicente suspended from his position and so it is the allegations made against him that Vicente feels played a major role in his loss of the FFB Presidency.

Ruperto Vicente, Former FFB President

“It is a democratic process and our delegates voted the way they felt. I was surprised at the result because I thought I had more support than what I received.”


“One of the criticisms that you’ve gotten from Mr.Marlon Kuylen was that you were unable to unite the family – the FFB family during your tenure.”

Ruperto Vicente, Former FFB President

“That is an opinion and that is Mr.Marlon Kuylen’s opinion, they spent more time fighting against me and what I was doing. I have no regrets about my time at the football federation of Belize I think my record at the federation speaks volumes. I think they did a good job at making serious allegations, making what is untrue appear to be true and so they made a good sales pitch on those allegations and I think they made good with the fact that there were some contracts that were signed knowing that they too were aware of the fact that those contracts had to be signed. To me, that was the main allegation and people bought into those.”


“One of the statements out there was that you became something you really hated– that you became somewhat like a Bertie Chimilio.”

Ruperto Vicente, Former FFB President

“Not really I think people – Marlon Kuylen, Chuc, and Mr.Galvez made it appear that way. A lot of people knew better.”

For his part, Kuylen says that Vicente was not able to unite the football family as promised.


Marlon Kuylen, FFB Second Vice President

“The politics of football is real and it is obvious that when you’re given the opportunity at the head of the federation that if you cannot unite, not even the executive how can unite the associations. Now Mr.Vicente had his four years he failed to complete his mandate as he would have wanted to and unfortunately this is what happens in football or any other politics. So I can’t really speak for him but we weren’t confident that he was leading us in the direction that Belize needed to go and therefore then we formed our slate and we ran against him.”

Chuc says that Vicente was too busy with the post of Presidency rather than doing what he was elected for.

Sergio Chuc, FFB President

“I am here to work for football. If you put in your work then the election automatically takes care of itself but if you are focusing on how to keep the position then I think you are missing the boat and sadly I believe our last two presidents were more focusing on keeping their post rather than seeing football move ahead so I think if I focus on moving football ahead the election will take care of itself.”