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Victim of fatal road traffic accident remains unidentified

Police are seeking the public’s assistance in positively identify the victim of a fatal road traffic accident that occurred last night on the Philip Goldson Highway. Police Officer Raphael Martinez shared the details of the incident.

Raphael Martinez – Police Press Officer

“At 6:30 pm yesterday, police visited the scene at mile 69 on the Phillip Goldson Highway in the village of Buena Vista in that vicinity where they saw a passenger bus and a bicycle on the scene and on the scene as well was a person, an unidentified male person who was fatally injured in that traffic accident. Investigations revealed that the bus was travelling towards Corozal and the cyclist was also travelling in the same direction when he was allegedly hit from behind and he reportedly died on the spot.”

Martinez said the victim was searched however while they did not find any picture identification on him; they came across a paper with the name Victor Munoz Pech Alcoser.