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Victim will take legal action against Tiger Aggregates Limited

Minister Rene Montero told Love news that the families whose homes were damaged due to the blast will be compensated. However, he did not say how much monies will be given to the affected families. Today we learned that the families are not being compensated enough. Love news spoke with Marianne Foreman, whose mother-in-law’s house was damaged.

Marianne Foreman – Relative of Victim

“There are two families that I know for a fact are not being compensated properly. The one for Ms.Ramirez’s house her damages, her whole house was damaged, it’s not livable then there was the second house that got damaged along with her and all of her household items. What I did was do an itemized listing of everything and what it cost up to today’s date. The cost of all of that is somewhere around $100,000. The company only wants to compensate them $20,000 for their household items and it was said by word of mouth that they are going to fix the vehicles and fix the houses. Now Ms. Ramirez did not sign that contract because they had other questions so simply the $20,000 is nowhere compensation for this family. There was also another individual up the hill whose house was badly damaged he was only given $400 and also promised that the house can be repaired. Now repaired doesn’t work in these homes because of the condition and cement parts of it being cracked. There is a possibility with time that it can fall. So what happened here is that they are taking advantage of the families.”

Foreman said that they will take legal action against the company.