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Victory – how sweet it is!

Dion Leslie will be contesting the mayoral seat for the 2018 municipal elections after he bested his colleague Phillip Willoughby in the United Democratic Party City Council convention on Sunday. The ballot also included sixteen councilor candidates. For the Mayoral candidacy, five thousand five hundred eighty nine persons voted. Of this Dion Leslie garnered three thousand seventy-three votes, obtaining six hundred eighty five more votes than his opponent, Phillip Willoughby who received two thousand three hundred eighty-eight votes. The new UDP Mayoral Candidate spoke with Love News today about his victory.

Dion Leslie – UDP Mayoral Candidate

“Of course joy knowing that the results showed that the work we put in, we got the results.  Of course, I was very, very happy. I worked really hard over the past month and a half. We campaigned tirelessly throughout the entire city. I was ecstatic, overwhelmed even emotional.”

Dalial Ical

“Were you expecting to win by that margin?”

Dion Leslie – UDP Mayoral Candidate

“I can’t tell you exactly how much, I know I put in work. I know Phillip worked very hard as well, I knew it was going to be close because Phillip is a very strong candidate; he has been my colleague for the past nine years, he is a hard worker and he ran a great campaign. I did not expect a blowout, I expected it to be a very tight race and for most of it, it was a very tight race.”

While Willoughby did not win, he did make the slate. Councilor candidates who also made the UDP ticket include Hyacinth Cuellar, Alifa Elrington, Bernard Pitts Fr., Dean Samuels, Dr. Alain Gonzalez, Judith Enriquez, Kevin Singh, Jason Edwards, and Noreen Martinez. Leslie says his team is strong and ready for the work ahead.

Dion Leslie – UDP Mayoral Candidate

“It is a great team, we have some great additions.  We have eight incumbent councilors that have made it back, including Philip and we added two strong female candidates. We already had two strong female candidates in Alifa and Hyacinth and we added two strong candidates in Noreen and Judith Enriquez. Going forward we feel very confident. Looking at the numbers yesterday, over five thousand five hundred people came out and participated which shows the great faith that the residents of Belize City has in the Belize City Council and the UDP.”

The PUP slate for Belize City is yet to be officially announced.