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Vidal says Gilroy Martinez is the latest murder victim

Today Southside Commander Marco Vidal clarified that contrary to what some media outlets have purported, there have been seven and not eight murders in the city for the month of August. The latest murder on record is that of 32 year-old Gilroy Martinez, also known as “fries”. Martinez was shot at least two times to the head shortly after eight o’clock on Monday morning. He died instantly. Today Senior Superintendent Vidal says while they have been following leads, they are still not in possession of enough evidence to make an arrest.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – Commander, Eastern Division South

“We have made some inroads but not enough that we can move forward with charges. There are other information that we are working on and certainly as that develops then you wil see something in that regard.”

Martinez was shot in a house lot a few blocks away from his house.