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Video Footage Was the Trigger to Seek Melissa Ferguson

There is some difficulty understanding the rationale behind the police’s delayed move to issue an arrest warrant for William Mason’s girlfriend, Melissa Ferguson.  Five days after the head of Pastor Lucas was found, a picture went out asking for help in locating Ferguson as she is wanted for questioning.  Some speculations are that the police intentionally delayed the search to allow here to escape.  While Minister John Saldivar says that he has confidence in his police officers and their reasoning behind the delay, CEO George Lovell was a bit more specific as to why the search for Ferguson was not done immediately.


“The whole saga with the deceased very unfortunate sometimes when you look 20/20 and in hindsight you would say maybe these are things that could have been avoided. We hear today after we had the very unfortunate murder of Lucas and my sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Mr.Lucas. Clearly Ms.Lucas was someone who was quite familiar with Mr.Mason and they may have had some sort of business relationship. I guess those details will come out in the case. The police stumbling on that particular head  when they did was because they were following up on the investigations that they had been looking at well prior to this unfortunate incident and I said it’s unfortunate, it’s regrettable that it reaches this stage because we have a death here now but the commissioner of police I believe had explained the reason why they had failed to make the arrest prior to the murder. In terms of the wife the police after they had viewed a tape which was some days after realized that there may be reasons for them to want to have the wife in for questioning those reasons I don’t know if the commissioner had made public but it was probably after that that they then sent out this bulletin for her to be located and brought in.”

An arrest warrant has been drafted for Melissa Ferguson although it is yet to be posted by Interpol.