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Video of Minor Drinking Alcohol Causes Mass Outrage on Social Media

Videos surfaced earlier today showing a minor consuming alcohol and using profane language purportedly, with the encouragement of his father. It is a recording that has irked many as the social media posts of the child have expressed anger, rage and disappointment. Love News spoke with the Director of the Department of Human Services, Shawn Vargas, who told Love News that the videos have been brought to their attention, and they are currently working at addressing.

Shawn Vargas, Director, Department of Human Services: “One of the things that the Department of Human Services has to look after is the best interests of the child and presently, our oncall officer is trying her best to get the details of the video and we have already contacted the police and we are waiting for information regarding the location. We will investigate and if there is a need to remove the child, we will do that but that is the last resort. But seeing what exactly is happening, based on the 19 second video that I just saw, it’s a lot that, it’s sad. It’s a sad process encouraging such a thing and I really do hope that it’s not the father of the child doing such a horrible job.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) issued a press release citing that the action shown in the video displays a form of child abuse. The ministry further stated that it goes against our core value as a society to protect the moral and health wellbeing of children and highlights unacceptable practices that exist within society that encourage substance misuse among children.