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Vigil Planned for Affected Persons in Fatal Traffic Incident

Residents of Dangriga and surrounding areas are being invited to be a part of a candlelight vigil. We hear more in this report from correspondent Harry Arzu.


“A candle light vigil will take place tomorrow in Dangriga in memory of the two young persons who lost their lives as a result of a fatal road traffic accident that occurred on Sunday April 2. Mark Nunez whose initiative it is joined up with Alyson Jones Gabourel. He told Love News that the purpose of the vigil is to unite the community and to pray for the speedy recovery of the victims some of whom are still hospitalized as well as to uplift the spirits of the affected families.”


“The reason why I’m doing this is because most of these people that got injured are people who support us, we are local djs in the community and these are people that show us support every other weekend. Like for example Misty Powell, Ayesha Ramirez, Warisi Flores I know all of them personally, I know most of the other people they are all friends and people who support me every day all of those people are people who support us every day.”


“We are really looking forward to having a time of uplifting, encouragement in this time of tragedy. We cannot do enough but whatever we can do we are taking it one step at a time, one day at a tie to let them know that we are here for them and that we love them. I’ve gone through my time of tragedy and its something that you cannot comprehend you have to go through your own timing your own way but you know you can go through it a little easier with love and support and therefore we are reaching out to our community here in Dangriga and the friends and family of those who were involved in this tragic situation to please come out and join us. It will be on Wednesday at 6pm. We will have the people from the north side they will meet at the TV Ramos monument and then the people living on the south side will meet at Drums of our Fathers at 6pm. The procession will start from each end of the town and we will go through the principal streets of Dangriga we will meet right at where Habet used to have the store and we will go straight into that street that leads us to the Alejo Beni Park. We encourage you all to please there is a .25 cent discount on your candles you can get that at Griga legion store so please come with your candles so we can light up the lives of these people with hope and joy and inspire them and encourage them and when we get to the park we will be having a warm service and that will include different leaders from our community and people whose lives have been affected on way or the other that will be sharing words of comfort and encouragement. So please your voice, your presence counts.”