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Vigil Planned for Cancer Victims

The Cancer Society of Belize is having their Annual Cancer Awareness Candle Light Vigil. The vigil is to remember all those who have passed due to cancer and for those who are fighting cancer. The vigil is set for this evening at the Lion’s Den adjacent to the KHMH. Senior Administrator Heather Reneau spoke on the goals of the vigil, as well as their keynote speaker Sean Swarner who is an international inspirational and motivational speaker.


“The vigil, we honor all our loved ones that have passed; we honor the persons that are still fighting cancer and chronic diseases and those who just need an extra little upliftment and a little push.  So we invite everybody to come out and join us in prayer and worship as we honor all cancer survivors, all persons suffering with diseases and help to inspire and motivate each other. We are having a special guest speaker this year, Mr. Sean Swarner. He is a cancer survivor as well, extraordinary cancer survivor, we should say. He had been diagnosed with two cancers, he was in a coma for almost a year and he came back to do some amazing things. He has climbed the seven largest peaks in the world; so, he is here in Belize to inspire and give some hope and courage to our survivors and to anybody that might need that little boost to say that if he can do it so can we.”

Reneau says that this year’s vigil will be a bit different.  Reneau urges participants to bring along the name of a loved one whose name will be placed on a memorial board that will be provided.


“This year is a bit unorthodox because we would always do a procession before but this year the lighting of the candles will be done within the ceremony.  So, we ask you to come out. We invite you to bring your own candles or we have candles available. Along with your candles you can bring the name of your loved one that you would like to honor and you would like to send up some prayers on their behalf. This year we have a special memorial board for the persons that didn’t get their names in early, we have the board that you can write the name on and we keep that board for an entire year until the next year’s vigil.”

The vigil starts at six o’clock this evening at the Lion’s Den adjacent of KHMH.  Reneau said if you do not have a candle, one will be provided for you.