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Villager shot and killed; was he trying to foil a robbery?

A few minutes before midnight on Saturday, a robbery in Ranchito Village in the Corozal District ended in death. Police say that the deceased, 38-year-old Ivan Emanuel Sosa was killed as he attempted to foil the robbery. They add that the owner of the bar locked Sosa out of the building as he confronted the robber. Today however, the proprietor of the establishment told Love News that this was not how it happened. Dalila Ical has the details.

Ivan Emmanuel Sosa collapsed a few feet away from the door of Pasadina Bar in Ranchito Village, Corozal District. The 38-year-old man had been socializing there that night and was the last customer to exit the establishment. He and the business owner walked to the door as she intended to close, but they were met with an armed masked man.

It is believed that Sosa attempted to foil the robbery but there are conflicting reports about what really transpired. Police have one version.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino – CIB, Belize City: “The owner of a business there was closing the business when a lone masked individual approached the owner and Mr.Sosa intervened and in the intervention he and the culprit were engaged in an argument and the individual shot him and made good his escape. When the robber approached he made mention something to the effect that ‘you won’t rob this lady.’ or something to that effect so there was that intervention by him and that then resulted in the gunmanand him exchanging words and him firing the shot.”

In the official report of the incident, police say the business owner closed the door leaving Sosa outside with the gunman. Aura Aragon who rents the building and runs the business says police are telling the story all wrong. In an off camera interview with us, she admits that Sosa attempted to confront the robber, but adds that she tried to dissuade him. Furthermore, she says, she did not deliberately leave Sosa outside on his own.

Aura Aragon, Business Owner: “I want to clarify it because it was reported differently…because I told the police, I gave my statement. I don’t know if the public is understanding it in the wrong way. But his happened fast. He was pointing the firearm at me and I was telling him, go, go. And I even told the robber “let the young man go”. When I saw that he got on his bicycle to leave, the robber had his foot on the doorway I quickly tried to close the door so he leaves. And if I tried to get him to go and I thought he was leaving, it is not my fault miss, it is not my fault because I thought he was already leaving. I don’t want the people to think that he saved my life like everyone is saying. He did not save my life; I risked my life to make sure that he did not get shot.”

Reporter: Did it seem like he would let him leave?

Aura Aragon, Business Owner:“Yes, yes. He would let him go because he was looking at me. He did not turn to look at him. He had his eyes fixed on me.”

Reporter: And what happened between them…

Aura Aragon, Business Owner:”I don’t know anything else that happened. I didn’t see anything.”

Aragon says it all unfolded less than five minutes, and she cannot say what happened between Sosa and the gunman after she managed to get the front door closed.  Sosa’s family received the tragic news later that night. His father, Luis Sosa Senior told Love News that they are a loss as to what truly transpired.

Luis Sosa Sr. – Father of deceased: “On Saturday about 5PM my son was at home and he asked me for some money because he was going out so I gave him the money then he took his bike and went out, that is the last time I saw him alive until about 1AM we received a call that they had killed my son at a place, a bar, where there was a hold up and my son tried to help the people there and he was shot in the chest.”

Reporter: He was shot once.
Luis Sosa Sr. – Father of deceased: “That’s all I know, that he was shot in the chest.”

Reporter: Has anyone said whether they saw who did this?

Luis Sosa Sr. – Father of deceased: “I haven’t heard until lately that they have detained one or two persons, I haven’t really gone to the station and checked so I don’t really know the identity of those persons but people close to me say they know who the guys are.”

Samuel Daniels, Aragon’s landlord, was awakened from his sleep when the incident unfolded. At the time we spoke with him, he had not yet spoken with his tenant but said that the incident comes as an unsettling surprise in what is mostly a peaceful community.

Samuel Daniels – Landlord: “I was awoken by the dogs barking and I didn’t know exactly what time it was but apparently at that moment when I was awoken I heard one single gunshot but I wasn’t aware where the shot was but it mostly came from the Pasadina Bar but I didn’t wake up or know really what transpired there. About two minutes then I heard a vehicle drive off. As far as I know there is no problem at this time in the bar, there haven’t been any problems, she has the place and we haven’t had any problem as fights or robbery or things.”

Aragon explained today that she is deeply disturbed by the police’s version of the events since she has provided the department with a full statement of what transpired. In the meantime, she says she hopes she can speak with the family to clarify the confusion. Today, Sosa accompanied his son’s body to Belize City where the post mortem was conducted.

Luis Sosa Sr. – Father of deceased: “My son was a living son. He didn’t live at home because he had his wife but everyday he used to see that we were all okay so he was the most loving son that I ever had so it really hurts me a lot.”

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino told the media that Police are seeking one person of interest in connection with this case.