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Villager Survives Attack on His Home

Brian Davis of Sandhill Village, Belize District is lucky to be alive tonight after being shot at in the wee hours of Monday morning. Davis was in his house around one o’clock when four men began firing shots at his home. He fortunately survived and reported the matter to police.  However, this could have been prevented as Senior Superintendent of Police Commanding Eastern Division Rural, Edward Broaster, says that the shootings stemmed from a previous conflict that should have been reported.


“This is a case of conflict that was known and not reported. They had a conflict over a bicycle and some monies yesterday, Sunday, and that conflict manifested itself into the shooting early this morning.  Had the individual reported the conflict yesterday we would have managed to deal with that situation and it would not have escalated the incident. Again we stress to the people in the community if you see something you say something and you may just stop something.”

Police have since detained on man in connection with this shooting incident.