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Villagers complain of Bad Road Conditions

Residents in rural communities in the Toledo District face difficulties traveling to and from villages as rains worsen the already damaged roads. Paul Mahung spoke with two village leaders.

Paul Mahung, Love FM: Two village leaders remain concerned about bad road conditions affecting villagers of their respective communities in rural Toledo. While in Punta Gorda yesterday the village leaders felt it was due time to voice their concern to Love News. Vice Chairperson of Barranco Village Council, Beatrice Mariano spoke of the yearly and continued bad road conditions especially the four miles spanning from Mid-way to Barranco village.”

Beatrice Mariano: “Our bus, and this has occurred before, got stuck on the road but not just the passenger bus we met the school bus on the road; we have been complaining about this situation for years. That bus, the school bus particularly leaves the village at 4:45. So for these children to be on the road this morning for so many hours and the same occurred last week. They got in about after 7 because they were stuck on the road and then when the passenger bus left the following morning they got stuck in the same spot. We have been complaining to Ministry of Works. They go and the scrape down the road. The road doesn’t need to be scraped. It needs to be filled and built up.”

Concerned Resident: “The reason I come to put it on news now is because this is the second time we’ve been fixing our main line to the community for the water system which is costing us we are really in need not because we want, we are needed because the student’s education is important, so I’m not going to go against that but the road need to be fixed.”