Villagers of Maya Centre Confront Area Representative

Villagers of Maya Centre Confront Area Representative

The Villagers of Maya Centre in Stann Creek are rejoicing tonight after holding a public meeting with Area Representative Rodwell Ferguson. As we’ve been reporting, the villagers were up in arms after they were told that the current chairman, Benedicto Choc, was being replaced by Orlando Bolo, the brother of the current village council. The villagers saw it as a political appointment that would put the water board several steps back, especially because a significant amount of money has been saved under the current water board chairman. The villagers say they want to keep the current water board chairman because they say the funds have not been mismanaged. They do not agree with the ministry’s appointment of new members. Ferguson met with the villagers yesterday evening, and the villagers did not hold back. Southern Belize Media was at the meeting and caught the back and forth.

“The problem arise Mr.Minister which is why we need to have you here is that according to this letter the chairman cannot access funds from the water board. And because he cannot access that funds hell broke loose because he can’t get money in his hand and do what he wants. As a result of that we got the water board money from you, from $13,000 to $28,900+ that’s more than 6% of what you posted that’s over 80%. That’s phenomenal. The question is now why do you Mr.Minister want to change something that’s working good. That is the question we have. There is no problem Mr.Minister that is all we have and I respect your decision but why do you -“

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Representative: “As I said earlier I didn’t interfere with who should have been on the Maya Center water board. I had absolutely no interference.”

“Mr. Minister I have to breaks you with due respect sir. I think you did interfere because you appointed a new water board now without the term being finished.”

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Representative: “Now the term is over.”

Crowd: No !!

“Let me read this first then you can explain. This letter is dated 2021 and it says here it says this serves to inform that in accordance with the sections 4(a) for 3(b) of the Village Council Act, chapter what ever it is let’s leave that alone, revised edition of 2011 approval has been granted to you to serve as a member of Maya Center Water Board for the next three years. This stands.”

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Representative: “Let me tell you something. The law was broken in 20 -“

Crowd: No ! 

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Representative: “Let me explain. Allow me to talk please. Government changed in 2020 so this water board back then was served from 2019 until 2022. Now the law was broken in 2021 that’s fact.”

Ferguson told the villagers that the law was broken in 2021 when the minister appointed the new water board. He conceded to the villagers’ demands, telling them that the current composition of the water board will remain in place. 

We have never had a good water board since this one. Why the change ? 

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Representative: “I stop argue with unu. Because what she pointed out just now was real. The minister signed and said he will appoint you for three years. What Julia read was real it was signed by the Minister responsible for Rural Development so you all can take the minister to court to say that you have end the term before the three years unlawfully. So it would be best that we reappoint those same members until the three years is up.”

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