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Villagers of Pueblo Viejo Unhappy with New Alcalde

Villagers in Pueblo Viejo village, Toledo District are up in arms over the new appointment of their village Alcalde. Our Toledo correspondent Paul Mahung has that report.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Village Chairman and Vice Chairman among others of Pueblo Viejo in Toledo are not satisfied with the way the new village Alcalde was recently selected. Village Chairman Kent Villanueva and Vice were among a group of six concerned villagers who visited Love News to voice their concern as expressed by Vice Chairman Oneratus Choc.

Oneratus Choc, Vice Chairman

Oneratus Choc, Vice Chairman: “On the way the village Alcalde was selected it has always been that Alcaldes are elected on a Fajina date which was set on November 28 2020 but due to COVID-19 restriction that Fajina was cancelled by a voice message sent by the Toledo Alcalde Association on the morning of the 28th November 2020. The Chairman informed the villagers that the Fajina was postponed to another date as well as the election of Alcalde which was to be held 17th January 2021 however the previous Alcalde still went ahead with the few villagers to appoint an Alcalde without the participation of the whole villagers. Myself as Vice Chairman and the Chairman and four other villagers visited the Toledo Alcalde Association to voice our concern and were told to write a letter and names of people that are not happy with how the Alcalde was chosen. They told us that letter with names should reach the office as soon as possible so that it could be forwarded to the Attorney General so we are now working that letter and petition.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Love News caught up with Toledo Alcalde Association President Juan Cucul.

Juan Cucul, President, Toledo Alcalde Association

Juan Cucul, President, Toledo Alcalde Association: “If a villager or group of villagers has a complaint or concern about the legitimacy, fairness or conduct of an election for Alcalde they may bring their concern to the Alcalde Association for an investigation pursuant to section 64. And I further advised them to put something in writing so that I can forward it to the Ministry of Rural Development and the Attorney General for further action.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: With the satisfaction of recent selection of Pueblo Viejo Alcalde as expressed by Village Chairman Vice and others Cucul commented that the decision to have a repeated selection process at this time for Alcalde is beyond the authority of the Toledo Alcalde Association.