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VIP stands firm on No to the ICJ

The Vision Inspired by the People, VIP, has been very vocal in regards to the Guatemala’s claim over Belize. Today the VIP called a press conference to reiterate their position on the matter and to demonstrate their support for the initiatives of the Belize Territorial Volunteers.

Paco Smith – VIP

“The VIP calls on Belizeans from all walks of life to support the Belize Territorial Volunteers for our colleagues in this struggle like ourselves have been on the right side of history from day one. We are no Johnny come lately nor is our stance due to the apparent political expediency the PUP seeks to exploit. We have grounded our position in fact derived from extensive research and continue to speak truth to power. In order to save this nation the people of Belize must recognize the ill-conceived, flawed, bankrupt and desolate Foreign Policy of this and successive governments of Belize as it relates to the unfounded Guatemalan claim. Yet acknowledgment is not enough the time is now to shift the paradigm beyond the PUDP which has demonstrated their worth in this regard and I dare say they have failed miserably.”

The VIP stands firm in its position of No to the ICJ.