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VIP urges GOB to Settle the Debt

The Vision Inspired by the People is urging the Government of Belize to settle the UHS debt owed to the Belize Bank Limited. In a release, the VIP warns that quote “any failure by Government to pay its debt will only multiply the cruel financial burden on Belize.” End of quote. The VIP believes that when the rule of law is wantonly broken, dictatorship and chaos follow closely behind.  The VIP is imploring that Prime Minister Dean Barrow quote, “refrain from the ever-increasing intransigence against the rule of law and instead, pursue an amicable arrangement with the victorious plaintiffs in this case.” End of quote. The Belize Progressive Party, BPP, is of the same opinion. It a release the BPP stated quote, “The bottom line is that a definitive and final court ruling has been rendered by the CCJ and in keeping with adherence to the Rule of Law, your Belize Progressive Party – BPP demands the PM cease and desist from playing games with the well-being of this nation, its people and our future generations.” End of quote. The BPP is calling on the unions, civil society and the NGO community to join in demanding that GOB pay the debt. Earlier this month, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled that the government must pay Belize Bank Limited ninety point six million dollars in debt acquired through a guarantee made in 2007 by the previous Government. The matter will be taken to the House of Representatives for it to be voted on.