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VIP Wants Sodomy Ruling Appealed

Vision Inspired by the People has joined the voices of those speaking out against the recent ruling of Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin on Section fifty three of the criminal code. The VIP says the Government should appeal the decision. The VIP says they have taken the stance because natural human procreation serves as the bedrock of Belize’s traditional family unit.  It goes on to say this reasoned stance is in keeping with VIP’s Direction on promoting traditional Family Life Environment as one of the five critical pillars of National Development for an emerging Belize. The VIP states that Belize’s legislature of 1981 which enacted the Belize Constitution, always intended that the term “sex”, refers to the gender of individual citizens, and not to the sexual orientation of citizens. The VIP is calling on the current legislators to clarify and protect by way of legislation the original intention of the Belize Constitution as it relates to the term sex which they say will allow Belize’s courts to be in a better position to make future decisions in conformity with the spirit of Belize’s original Constitution, which is the only document that binds Belizeans as one people.