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Voices on the Street give mixed opinions on State of Emergency

Love News hit the pavement on Albert Street in downtown Belize City and asked pedestrians for their opinions on the state of emergency.

Voice 1: “Police them are putting out a lot of effort to keep down the crime and I guess that is a good thing the strategy that they came up with.”

Jose Sanchez: “Nothing else has worked so far?”

Voice 1: “Nothing else has worked so far but we have to try something to keep down the crime to a minimum; probably to zero if possible because crime we could live without crime, we don’t need crime. These gang members they dont have nothing to contribute to society more than destruction.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do you agree or disagree with the state of emergency being declared?”

Voice 2: “Well to be real sir I disagree because people are making a living and they you know they should live it up. You can’t just arrest them for nothing; that’s just how the thing set but anyways sir I am looking to take a little walk with my friend them and thing.”

Jose Sanchez: “People getting locked up for 30 dyas what is your opinion?”

Voice 3: “I think it is a good thing that they are doing?”

Jose Sanchez: “and how about the part that you can be locked up for thirty days and anybody that walks through the area could potentially be detained as well?”

Voice 3: “I don’t know what to say about that.”

Jose Sanchez: “for thirty days at least.”

Voice 4: “Oh that one that is happening for the celebration. Well I would just want to say that not everybody want to have some fun; enjoy yourself you know I guess that’s the best thing I could say and you know have some fun.

Voice 5: “I see the government have created a problem and they are trying to solve the problem that they created. You know they were giving money to terrorist to go and cool off and now they are taking the terrorist and putting them in jail which I am not against because I think they should have done this from the very beginning. They are terrorist and terrorist ought to be dealt with the way terrorist are to be dealt with and they ought to have done that long ago. They should give money to law people and helping those in need and so.”