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Vulcan request to meet with the Ministry of Sustainable Development

Despite receiving an emphatic “no” from the resident of Gales Point Village and two Government officials, Vulcan Materials Company continues to lobby for the approval to develop a quarry at the White Ride Farm. The company insists that its plans for the community will benefit the villagers and that its proposed operations will not negatively impact the environment. And, while the company is yet to make an official proposal to the government, it has requested to meet with officials from the Ministry of Sustainable Development. CEO, Dr. Kenrick Williams, spoke about the environmental concerns surrounding the project and his ministry’s stance on the issue.

Dr.Kenrick Williams, CEO, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Climate Change: “We have received interest at the Department of the Environment by the developers regarding Vulcan. Of course as you know Cabinet has indicated and members of cabinet have indicated a position as it relates to this investment so that position will be communicated as we have discussion with the proprietors from Vulcan as to the fact that government will not be entertaining this type of investment.”

Reporter: So you agree that it would impact the environment greatly and the ecosystem within the area ? 

Dr.Kenrick Williams, CEO, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Climate Change: “Well both experience and science have held that this type of mining is detrimental to the environment and and so we of course can’t prejudice a decision or thought in terms of what it will look like for Belize but if we use experience and information that is out there we can ascertain that the type of investment, the scale of investment , the approach used by this type of mining can have detrimental impacts on the environment. Whether that is mitigatable, the extent to which there is mitigation that’s what really the Department of the Environment looks at to make it’s decision but as indicated we’ve gotten a firm position from the highest level of government as it relates to this investment and so that’s the direction as it relates to this particular project.”