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Waitress from Aguacate Village Found murdered in Independence Village

Thirty-seven-year-old Marcelina Makin was found murdered this morning at the cemetery in Independence Village, Stann Creek District. Makin who was a waitress from Aguacate Village was found lying face down with cut wounds to the head and face.  Makin was last seen in Independence Village on Friday at the restaurant where she works. Not much is known about this latest murder at this time but we understand that Makin was suffering abuse from someone close to her. Her murder has shocked the quiet southern community. Makin’s brother-in-law, Manuel Cal, explained that the mother of three is originally from Aguacate Village, Toledo who had relocated to provide for her children.

Manuel Cal, Brother in Law: “She was a very friendly lady. When she would come here she was friendly, she talked, she joked with her children then she took care of her children in a nice way, in a proper way. She treated them good, she gave them money and everything so that’s why she had to go to work to maintain her children because like I said she and her husband separated for a good while so that’s why she said she has ot go to work for money then to maintain her money so that they could go to school because now that school is opened she needs stuff like bags, and  school things. So that’s why she had to go  to work, to look for a job. But nevertheless we didn’t know this would happen to her. This is bad news that she passed away.”

Reporter: And how is her mother taking it ? 

Manuel Cal, Brother in Law:  “She feels very sad when she heard the news that her daughter was murdered. She is crying but you know like I said we can help her. I just tell her to be strong.”

Reporter: How long was she working in Independence ? 

Manuel Cal, Brother in Law:  ‘I think about five years now, more than that, five to six years. She would be there and then on her day off then she would come home to spend a week with her children there then drop some money with my mother in law to take care of her children and from there she would go back again. That is how she did it.”

In briefing the media this morning, Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke of the department’s efforts to prevent murders across the country.  

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Another body was found in the Independence Cemetery of a female. There appeared to be cut wounds to the neck or the throat, Mr. Yearwood would provide more details for that but these are the types of murders that the policing efforts would not be able to prevent and we just have to learn to live with them and try our best to work on those that we regard as being preventable and I think that in that respect we are doing the best we can but we’re not going to sing praises as yet. There is still a long way to go and the potential violence within our society, particularly Belize City is still extremely strong and so we just need to ensure that we maintain our presence in these gang-ridden areas. LIU is working night and day whenever we hear or see if any misunderstanding or conflict arising between groups LIU would  try to move it and diffuse it before it reaches that stage where shots begin to fire. The patrols are out, the operational teams are doing constant operations targeting these gang members so it’s a lot we’re trying to do to keep the murder count down and we want to ensure that this is done for the rest of the year and even moving forward. We know it is hard but we are committed to the task in doing the best we can to make our country safer for all.”

We’ll keep following this story.