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We Walk as One making a difference

The escalating murder rate continues to cut many lives short, leaving loved ones in grief.  Daniel Guardado, a mechanic, was gunned down on Partridge Street Extension in Belize City while pushing his motorcycle in May 2018. Brian Guardado has turned that pain felt from losing his dad into something positive by creating an organization dubbed “We Walk as One”. Today, the organization gave away fifty-three school bags to children from the southside.  Guardado said that there is another event plan for the same children in December.
Brian Guardado – Founder of We Walk as One: “ My dad was the mechanic man on the motorcycle who was murdered on that night. It was something hard for me at a young age to lose my Dad but I realize that after all I have been through I could use what I am doing to make me stronger and I believe that this foundation could bring a change to the country of Belize. I believe it, I know it, I have faith in it. It has been hard, yes but I am proud of what we are doing. We are helping fifty-three students and we are making a call out to the public. We have donation kettles set at three public pharmacies within the city. With all this, we are trying to implement and share the word of God. I knew my father as a hard-working man regardless of who he was and I know that he would be proud of the change that I am trying to bring after what happened with him. I always tell people that Belize needs a change and we are hearing about murders on a daily basis, we hear about murders, murders and we want to change that. We want a country not only peaceful for youths but the children growing up in Belize.”
Daniel Guardado’s murder was a case of mistaken identity.