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Wanted Coast Guard Officer Hands Himself Over to Police for Allegedly Stabbing Stepdaughter

Belize Coast Guard officer, Alberto Espinoza has handed himself over to police after he was wanted for allegedly stabbing his stepdaughter. Espinoza had been on the run since last week Tuesday after injuring his eighteen-year-old stepdaughter, Daxia Martinez, in Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk.  Today, we asked the Commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral Elton Bennett, for an update on how they are dealing with this issue and he says it’s embarrassing. According to Bennett, Espinoza will be facing extensive disciplinary actions. 

Admiral Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “So as far as I’m aware, he handed himself into the police along with his lawyer. So the police is now in full control of that criminal investigation. What we’re doing internally as we always do is to follow through with a disciplinary procedure. He was absent for a few days. The disciplinary course will take its place but we’re also looking at the implication and the outcome of that criminal aspect of the case to determine the extent of our reach in terms of applying discipline. It’s a domestic issue that we are very embarrassed about that a member of the Coast Guard, a member of a very disciplined organization would find himself involved in something like that, so we leave it in the hands of the police to do the full investigation and we have nothing to hide. We’ve been very supportive in terms of assisting in trying to locate him and if the police needs anything from our end that will support an investigation, we’re here to support it. We don’t condone domestic violence at all. It’s something that I, as the Commandant, will ensure that whatever discipline needs to take place, that that discipline occurs and that individual will have to answer to those charges.”