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Wanted for Murder, Michael Meighan Turns Himself In

Over the weekend, a wanted poster for 32-year-old Michael Morris Meighan was issued. He is the prime suspect for the brazen murder of former Gang leader of the PIV Bloods, 42-year-old Darren Banks on July 25 on Ebony Street. Around, 4 o’clock that afternoon Banks was shot dead by a lone gunman who made good his escape. Bank’s murder was a result of the feud between the Backaland Crips and PIV Bloods, which led to a State of Emergency being declared in the Saint Martin’s area of Belize City. In the company of his attorney, Norman Rodriguez, Meighan handed himself over to the police yesterday. When we spoke to Rodriguez this afternoon, Meighan had not been charged. 

Norman Rodriguez, Attorney: “Naturally, they can detain him for up to 48 hours before they charge him. I think he was taken in yesterday afternoon and they still have some time. They’re investigating. They are seeing if they can or if they have any evidence that they have overlooked and then they will make a decision but I am hoping that if they’re going to charge him that the evidence that they have is conclusive evidence because o be charged for a crime such as murder, you realise that the regular procedure that is followed in the courts, you don’t get bail before two and a half o thee years. So, somebody’s liberty is being taken away. I am hoping that the evidence is strong if they have any at all.”

Responding to Rodriguez this afternoon was Police Commissioner Chester Williams. According to Williams, there is enough evidence putting Meighan at the murder scene. 

Reporter: He says he’s a messenger so he goes around the city and he’s confident he has nothing to do with the Darren Banks murder. Has he been charged

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “Then why did he not show up to work the next day after the shooting? If he was so innocent, why did he not show up to work the next day after the shooting? You see these are the things you know. These young men go and they find attorneys, line them up and come and say to the police what they want the police to hear but we are no fools. We have video footage that showed that vehicle near the murder scene. We had video footage that shows after the murder took place, the vehicle raced down from there and went over a bridge and went to the Roger’s Stadium. If he was so innocent, police went to look for him the next day at his workplace. He was a no show.”

Reporter: But does that video footage show him inside the vehicle?

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “It certainly did and it showed also at the Spots Council that he was the one who signed out for the vehicle. He was the one in the vehicle.”